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The British Columbia Review Board is an adjudicative tribunal established under the Criminal Code of Canada to review the circumstances of, and make dispositions with respect to individuals found unfit to stand trial, or not criminally responsible on account of mental disorder.

The mandate of the Board is to safeguard public safety as well as the rights of mentally ill accused persons until they can be safely reintegrated into society. The Board holds hearings and exercises many authorities and obligations of a court.

Part-time members must be psychiatrists; lawyers of at least 10 years’ call; lay person or others with professional training or relevant experience in mental health or related issues/disciplines, such as social work, criminology or psychology, may also qualify. Prior adjudicative experience is considered an important asset.

Members are appointed by Order in Council for a fixed term of two to five years following a merit-based process and after consultation between the Chair and Government.

Part-time members are compensated on a per diem basis according to their professional affiliation.

To apply for membership, please submit:

  • Current curriculum vitae and proof of professional affiliation
  • Relevant experience, knowledge in areas of the Board’s jurisdiction
  • Maximum time commitment/availability/willingness to travel


Chair – BC Review Board

Suite 1270 - 605 Robson Street

Vancouver , BC V6B 5J3


Further details about the BC Review Board, as well as the process of appointment are available at or by calling the Chair at 604 660-8789.

This notice is not published in relation to any specific vacancies on the Board.